Tumblr and Piracy

I have been wracked with guilt ever since I recently reblogged this photo from another person’s tumblr. Unfortunately, my source had failed to give credit to the photographer and so had over 10 pages worth of sites from my google images search results—more than half of which were, yes, other tumblr blogs. 

It’s no surprise that tumblr is a breeding ground for piracy and copyright infringement. It’s called “micro-blogging” for a reason. Equally “micro” it seems, is our attention span and perception of time; we rarely give a few to pay the due respect to our providers. It feels natural to reblog swiftly and without second thought. Why attribute discovery? The team behind curator’s code puts it this way:
Picture 10

With that being said. Was it unethical to reblog a post with an unknown source? Given that the creator is most likely alive and therefore accessible through our means (though not google images) yes, it was wrong of me to reblog that post, even with the indication that it was from a “source unknown”, because it isn’t really; I was just too damn lazy to know otherwise. While I continue to hunt down the original photographer, I urge everyone to play fair, and to think about how their actions affect the development of our social community.

Visit curator’s code to display your solidarity in honoring discovery through one of their discreet and attractive badges. Let’s “keep the rabbit hole of the internet open.” 

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